I’m an Amazon Author

I kind of feel like Pinocchio, and my wish to become a real author has come true. That’s right, I’ve got no more wood! Wait, yes I do… Anyway.

I’m an Amazon Author. It was quick and painless. It’s exciting and blurs the lines of reality and fantasy. It makes me think I could do this. It makes me feel like it’s possible! Then I see only one book next to my profile picture and all my egotistical throes are slaughtered in one bludgeon from the mighty Mjolner of reality.

It’s still pretty awesome. You can see my page here. If you follow, you’ll find my blog posts and tweets. I have a short bio, a cool picture of me on the Guatemala River, and one book. Maybe that’s why I’m not celebrating? There’s only one. Some of these guys I wrote alongside are on four or five. Time to pick up the pace.

Anyway, I hope your own journeys, in writing, life, love, existentialism, are all shaping up well.

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