Denied Skills: Sewing

It was senior year of high school. I didn’t need a whole lot of classes, so there were an array of electives at my disposal, including sewing. First, I’ve always been interested in being a clothes designer. From a writing perspective, I could make the fashion of my people. From a work perspective, I think fashion design is a cool looking, glamorous lifestyle. Some of the articles of clothing created are ridiculously awesome. From a realistic perspective, my favorite dragon shirt had a hole in the pit that kept splitting and I’d like to be able to save it. It’s too late.

As I sit here with another catastrophe, my beloved Green Lantern shirt has a hole in the pit, I think back to that fateful time in high school when I told my guidance councilor, “I’d like to take sewing” as one of those numerous electives.

“That’s not really a man’s class.” Self conscious, I opted for something else. I can’t even remember what, but what I know is there is a hole in my shirt, there is a hole in a pair of pants, and because of this sexist asshole, I don’t know how to fix it. Because of him, I can’t make my own cosplay. Because of him, my career as a fashion designer came to a rigid halt. Because sewing is for girls.

Well guess what, guidance councilor? I’m not married. There’s no woman to sew for me! And even if I married any of the women I’ve been interested in, not a one of them knew how to sew. So how’s that looking on you now? When my Green Lantern shirt sleeve rips off, when I must send it away as I weep bitterly, that fabric, that dyed green fabric, it will be on your hands! Bury your head in shame, for I do not know how you will survive the immense guilt of that moment.

As for learning the skill, YouTube rocks pretty hardcore. That’s how I learned to tie a tie. How much harder can sewing be?

3 Comments on “Denied Skills: Sewing

  1. Good luck! I was forced to take home economics in school and part of it was sewing. I sucked at, always brought stuff home and my mom or grandmother did my work for me :D. I can only sew a button at most these days I think. Hopefully you have a natural talent for it :p

  2. My mom taught me how to sew. It took me forever to pick up. There’s still times I have issues with it.

    Then again, I also can’t crochet and she’s tried to teach me like 5 times (bless that woman for her patience).

    When I had to take home ec in school the “sewing” we did was with a sewing machine. What did I learn from that class? Those. Things. Are. EVIL! -_- And I could never be a fashion designer. I have no eye for fashion. If it wasn’t for knowing how to look “presentable” based on what my coworkers have worn before me I would be lost. Whenever possible it’s T-shirts, jeans (or fuzzy pants or my night shorts, if pants at all), and that’s basically it. Shoes come off right when I get into the house or when I get to my desk at home.

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