What I wrote in my first book

It’s been a humdinger of a week. I always hate this two week stretch as it’s the only time I work a straight 12 days, the majority of them including suits, and there are a good number of flights involved. It even comes complete with a get home Thursday night, unpack, repack, leave Friday morning. There’s a combination of mind-numbing meetings, and incredibly useful meetings, but isn’t that always the case?

However, before I left Monday, I wrote in my copy of Den of Thieves. First, I signed it. Who wouldn’t sign their own book? Oh, that’s egotistical? Well, someone needs to think I’m awesome, I’m just making up for the void. Second, I wrote in it. I wrote “1” on the front page. Then on the back I wrote, “Congrats. Now write another.”

I felt lackluster when I got published. If Tyrion Lannister was my nemesis, his revenge would be complete, for my joy turned to ash in my mouth. It did not make me feel complete, but empty. It made me feel like I was behind, that I was a dullard in a sea of geniuses, and that I would have to publish again, and again, and again.

The novel will be done this year. Unless something catastrophic happens, the editing is just going too well. By next week, I will be done with my final hard core edit, my editor will be finished with her deal in about a month, and then I’m giving a month to beta readers.

Next year I will be published in four seasonal anthologies. It will all be through the same publisher, so it will follow a story line through all of them, while still being fairly stand alone.

I will also be in a hero anthology. So five anthologies.

Once my novel is finished, I already have a rough draft for two potential novels, and the frame work for a third, so I’ll be sprinting out into that. Onto the next one, because what I published yesterday matters as much as the fly to the hippo. Cool analogy used.

Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep fighting. The world won’t give you anything, so give to those who need, and take when you see opportunity.

4 Comments on “What I wrote in my first book

  1. Yep cool analogy, though if the fly say gets into the hippo’s ear then I am not so sure the analogy works 😀 I’m just being annoying. And nothing wrong with signing your own book I think.

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