The Void

There was a dark pit inside my soul, and it grew and it grew as people fed it so. Through loneliness, betrayal, through time and paranoia, that dark pit grew into a void, and I looked into it.

The more I looked upon that void, the more I lost focus on the world around me. The joy turned to ash, first steps bringing as much joy as the thousandth. I couldn’t see anything but that void, staring back at me, beckoning me.

The more I gazed, the more I focused on what was on the other side, what was in the abyss created in my heart. With every step towards it, I could not see the world around me, but the one within exploded.

There were battled, and characters larger than life. There was magic and people who could mitigate strife. There were gods and goddesses, beautiful moons, there was pain and some joy, but it was so far away. It could not hurt me, for I created it.

Into the abyss I walk every day, hoping to base a life around it in every way.

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