Why Sony Rocked E3

I’m stunned. Truly stunned. “Microsoft won E3,” the masses say.

“Why?” I shout, confused.

“Because of backwards compatibility. Because Sony didn’t announce they can connect to USB or external hard drives. Because No Man’s Sky will end up on Xbox!”

Shocked, stunned, I lost my mind. I whirled into an empty abyss. At this juncture, how many people actually care about backwards compatibility? With all these amazing current gen games out, how many hours do you have to burn? With the capability of current systems, you’re really happy that Microsoft burned time figuring out how to play games from the last gen? I’m happy the PS4 can never become backwards compatible because they moved in a different direction, because they took leaps ahead of where they were.

PS4 can now attach the USB and externals. I know, you just pooped yourself with glee. Get some toilet paper and new shorts. I have to admit, I didn’t even realize this was a thing until two weeks ago. I have a computer and figured out how to hook it up to my TV a long time ago.

This last one was really perplexing. All that’s happened is Microsoft said they’d love to see No Man’s Sky on the Xbox One. I’m sure Sony would love to see the new Tomb Raider on PS4, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Sony has kept a very strong vibe of loving on the indies. Microsoft has had a tendency to burn bridges. Now that No Man’s Sky looks stellar, it’s really easy for them to say, “We love you guys!”

There were also comments that it’s lame Shenmue III needs to be funded by the fans. They asked for $2 million. Think on that. What’s the last expansive RPG you saw made for $2 mil? The second one was $72 million. The strategy is not to have fans pay for the game. It’s to ensure beforehand that there’s enough interest to justify it. It’s also telling us the game is $40, as for a $39 donation, we get the digital version. You mean if I pledge my love for the game, I can get it $20 cheaper than most new releases? Shoot me in the left nut, that’s a great deal.

Why was I excited? Horizon looked unbelievably amazing. It’s also an exclusive. They announced FF7 remake, which is a temporary exclusive. They finally wrangled Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Uncharted 4 will no doubt be mind blowing in how it pushes the system, which is exclusive. Last Guardian, which has been long awaited. Hitman and Street Fighter exclusives.

Also, how flipping epic is it they’re setting up a station where you purchase the TV programs you want to watch. You like Cartoon Network? Add it. You like Showtime, add it. I mean…how cool is that? I’ve been waiting for this a good long while. AMC and HBO are on it? I’m buying them. They are the only two reasons I want cable, and I will not pay $120+ to get them.

Anyway, Microsoft had a good showing. Was impressed with their VR. But I’m still giddy I went with Sony this gen.

6 Comments on “Why Sony Rocked E3

  1. This is the first I’ve really heard about anything from E3 so I’m excited to read anything I can on it. Really should find more posts about it…

    You make some good points. And while I’m a fan of backwards compatible it’s not the end-all for me. I tend to look at what games are being promoted for a system before I make a choice. I like seeing your side because you’re one of the FEW people I know who’s rooting for Sony this generation.

    • And this baffles me. Microsoft from the get go went in as the evil commercial empire. They were going to watch you, require you register your system online, shut you down if you didn’t every 24 hours, among other things. They recanted most of it, but what will they do when they get enough people hooked up with them? What I’m happy about is PS4 made the more powerful machine, and from what I saw the other day, they’re doing a better job of locking down titles and even temporary exclusives. Microsoft shined with their VR, but I’m not really planning on getting into that any time soon. Xbox takes in the same gamers, and most of them are there for CoD (which Sony just got), sports games, and Halo.

      • There are other games that Xbox users want, but now that I really think about it they seem to be cross-console games…

        Kind of makes me wish someone would do a study on what makes gamers choose one system over another…

      • Very true. Group mindset is the first thing, but what about those who don’t have gamer friends? Is it the feel of the controller? The ratings (which I’ll admit can be altered by the company or they can send people in to rate their products higher than they should)? What really makes it tick…

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