The Fourth

It’s technically 1:20am, though my mind says 12:20. Which is still late. I want to keep editing. In three days I’m halfway through my editor notes. By January or February I will be published. Like, late December is possible. And I want to keep editing, but my nephew will come down to the basement at 7am and go, “Uncle Paul? Come play with me.” And I’ll already be a hot mess from a lack of sleep along with a biopsy.

Did you know biopsies hurt? I am betting other areas hurt more, but still. I took two steps out of the clinic and it felt like someone was repeatedly jabbing me with freshly heated needles. Yeah, so the cancer thing is still on the table. I will know late next week. I thought it was becoming a bright pink, signifying scarring. Doc was not as certain, so a cute nurse shot drugs in me, numbed me up, and then he scraped. She bandaged me. I’ll take it. In some circles, it was a date.

Anyway, weekend is filled with board games and drinking, along with two short stints with my niece and nephew, and a little monster hunting. My brother and I took down a few beasts, which was good times. Hope your fourth is rocking, that you’re reading something good, and stuff. Health? Yeah. I’m praying for a lack of biopsies in your life, no matter how cute the nurse or doctor.



7 Comments on “The Fourth

  1. Sorry to hear about the biopsy I know how tough that is. I never actually had to get anything removed, thank god, but still it’s a scary thing to even think about. I guess cute nurses make up for it right? Anyway I saw you posted this on my birthday, so I thought that was pretty cool. 🙂

    • I’m strangely mostly apathetic towards it. I mean, the guy said if it is cancer it’ll be an easy surgery, no threat of life. If it comes out I have cancer, I’m not even sure I have the right to pull the whole “I survived cancer” thing. Also, a happy birthday! And many more to you 🙂 Hope you enjoy my site, and I tried checking out yours, but looks like you deleted it. Have a fantastic day!

      • That’s a good way to look at it and thank you. The site deleted my blog. Life just got too busy and I neglected it. If you’d like the link to my new blog I can give you that one. 🙂

      • Yeah sure. Networking is always good in the writing world. Life does seem to get busy.

      • Followed. I wish you luck on getting your freedom and seeing the world the way you want. Those first few years can be a challenge.

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