My life for Tamriel: The Diary of an ESO Addict

I swore I wasn’t going to buy Elder Scrolls Online. It took my favorite single player game, made it an MMO, and I was bitter. Where would be my greatness in this world where a million chosen were all competing for recognition in a world that didn’t shift nearly as wildly. How could I live when I was confined to a set skill group? What would I do in a crafting system I couldn’t exploit like children in a third world country working sweat factories? Then my middle brother caved.

At first I could only see inadequacies. It was difficult getting crafting material. The craft system was clumsy. I didn’t get what was happening. Skills were difficult to fully comprehend. The story was okay.

Then something clicked. I was able to easily locate alchemical agents. I understood how to make potions. I kept an alchemy book where I wrote down what different plants did and plotted out how to make the desired potions. I got into crafting armor and weapons, I began enchanting them, I was put on a quest line where I had to siege a castle. My build and potions combined made me nearly invincible, wading knee deep in the blood of my enemies and zombies. The zombies were my friends, but then they died once, so I helped them die again. For fifteen minutes, my adrenaline soared as I crushed my foes.

Suddenly I was obsessed with crafting, with a perfect build, with exploring the world, with reading the lore, with everything. I became a resident of Tamriel, moving out of the realm of a doubter of Bethesda’s irrefutable brilliance. The crafting components I struggled to collect became abundant. The creations I was tormented over made sense, so I could create exactly what I intended through inference and experimentation. I was the mad scientist. The delusional enchanter. The whimsical sorcerer. The skooma addict.

So off to a difficult day, as I await my love this evening. As I escape to Tamriel. As I fight to be motivated enough to work out at 8. And to eat. Food is important, and provisions in an MMO don’t count. I should clean, but that sounds overrated.

If you’re on the PS4 and playing ESO, let me know. I’m Ebonheart Pact.

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