You know how you have plans and they get derailed? I was planning on living in my current apartment for another year. The price was right. At that point, I’d have most my debts shored away, a small nest egg, and I’d be looking into a house. Why does a bachelor need a house? So I can have my nephew visit, so family can stay with me, so I can create secret passages where you move a book and the door opens, so I could do whatever I wanted without a wife asking why a candelabra is in the study and why it opens a door when she tries to pick it up. I also planned on making a massive gaming room, in which once a year I would hold DavisCon, where family and friends got together for a Saturday of hardcore board game and role playing.

Now there is apparently a good chance I will be looking for a new life in Kenosha. I’ll still have my job, I’ll just be moving south. There is a chance it won’t happen, but the closer we get, the more we talk, the more certain it sounds. Maybe I’ll even try to find a rent to buy home down there, since I won’t have nearly enough saved up for a house.

October is when I would move. It’s already busy with me going to Guatemala to lead a mission trip, as well as spending a weekend out in San Antonio for a men’s group retreat. I may have to bail on that if I’m going to be moving October 31.

The good thing is Kenosha is inexpensive. The bad thing is I don’t know anyone down there. New beginnings and what not. Should be exciting. While it disrupts my three year plan, it’s not as crippling as some disturbances, and I think a change of scenery could be good.

5 Comments on “Moving?

    • It is. And it’s terrifying. If I can’t find a place to rent to buy, it definitely pushes back my awesome secret passages riddled house.

  1. An adventure awaits, Lord Davis. Surely you’re not prepared to turn that down 😉

    …….however, DavisCons sound like an epic idea. Hosting them at your spectacular house -which will be turned into a museum when you die- means you get to use a different theme every Con!

    • I really have no choice. I am not in control of my fate as to whether or not I move. And DavisCon will be incredible. So so incredible. A statue shall be erected of me in the city because of it.

  2. Hope your moving stuff goes well. So far it’s been a headache for me. I love the idea of your DavisCon and I hope you’ll be blogging about it.

    Best of luck finding a place to rent-to-buy. It’s hard to do these days it seems. I want to hear about all the secret passages. Fiance wants to do the book case thing to hide the entry to our basement.

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