Heroes: Published in October


Weird. I thought this was further off. I was so focused on my novel that I forgot I will be published in October. I thought there would be no more publications this year, that my run for 2015 was finished. It was good. I was published once, which in math is a mathematically significantly multiplier, since zero times anything is still zero. It is an impossible number. Good game.

The first publication, Den of Thieves, was based on India mythology and put through the Den of Quills writing group. The second, Heroes, will be based on an awkward kid in elementary school trying to stick up for what is right and is going through the Phoenix Quill writing group. It’s currently with the editor. I suppose that’s a sign that it was happening soon.

I should get edits back by the end of this week, and I will clean it up this weekend. Meanwhile, my second novel has stalled, I’m waiting anxiously for the feedback on the first one (there is a massive part of me that just wants to fire it off to the editor and say, “DONE!” because then it would be out by November or December), and tomorrow I’m buying a huge piece of paper to make a map so I can get a cool map in my book. Continuity issues blow.

October is going to be exhausting with this publication, men’s retreat in San Antonio, leading a Guatemala trip, and possibly moving. Stressful. But at least I’ll have a second publication under my belt.

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