Drowning the Sands of G’desh: COMPLETE!


I sent off my novel today. It’s done. All that has to occur is the cover art gets finished up (which is just font), I approve, they do a mock copy so I can check the format, I approve, I wait three months to be published. I’m like right there.

I didn’t have to edit a lot today, but between the heat, driving around all over, walking a lot, and editing for the first four hours of the day, I’m tapped. Absolutely exhausted, but also exhilarated. I should also be blogging a little more as I’m no longer obsessed with this stupid manuscript. Ugh. Feels good.

I get a case of 20 soft cover and 5 hard cover. A part of me really just wants to clean the sheets, lay in bed, and pour the soft covers on me, and just like roll around in them. I’m the guy who wants a money pool, too. I’m not going to, more likely than not, because those 20 will be used for a future Kickstarter, and as a thank you to the people who helped me on this path.

On top of today simply rocking, it’s a good day. A great way to end a three day weekend.

I’m debating three novels for the next. Continue the series and write the second novel. Start a future tie in with a steampunk Russia type story, where an inventor and a scientist try to figure out a strange plague that’s destroying the country. Finally, something which would be far off in the future, a steampunk Europe type story where the main character is a detective trying to foil a world destroying plot, while she works for a poorly kept together secret society. Decisions.

Either way, I think it’s bed time as I’m just staring at my Facebook feed. Read a little Sherlock Holmes and clock out. Peace guys. Hope your dreams are all coming true.

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