A New Story Begins

It feels so good. I feel like a new man now that the novel is out of my hands. Of course, I still have the “And again!” mentality, but hey, that’s life. And my publisher hasn’t said anything about the ms getting to them. But hey, so is life. I’m not nervous. And there may have been a typo I didn’t catch on the map, which they need to switch. Again, not nervous. So not nervous. You know who is nervous? Not this guy.

So I got caught up on chores, I was reading Sherlock Holmes, I was pondering what I would do for the next novel, and it hit me like a computer monitor from the ’80s. I’m going to write the entire thing by hand in a journal of my choosing.

I hesitated a moment. Do I really want to do this? I do. I so want to do this. So I put on pants, got my keys, and went out the door to Barnes & Nobles.

Where I was the weirdest guy in the store. This included two guys who looked like members of the Tong. Or Syndicate. Which one’s Hmong? Or maybe Vietnamese.

Anyway, I picked out a leather journal. This means for about 20 minutes I stood in the journal section, going back and forth from journal to journal. I looked, I touched, I flipped pages, I sniffed them. I sniff them all. It’s intoxicating, the scent of leather. Meanwhile, the Tongs were all, “What’s his problem?” But in Korean, or something. I continued to sniff.

I finally picked the perfect vessel!


Told you I put on pants! HA! Otherwise this would be totally embarrassing.

Anyway, the inside has individually bound segments. It looks really rag tag, which is perfect, as one of the main characters is a scientist, and the other is an inventor. So I imagine this would be similar to the journals they would keep.

I’m excited. Less about the pants, more about the journal and story. I was really on the fence about what to write next, but I think it’d be good to get away from the next novel, as it’s been exhausting trying to write. Slowly but surely all the pieces are coming into place, but the beginning isn’t quite there yet, and I’m struggling to get past it to the good parts. I half want to start the novel in the middle and call it a day.

I hope your writing is going well, bloggers, authors, writers, aspiring individuals, activists, human beings, not human beings, and so forth!

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