Into The Darkness

I ran under the gaze of Nocturne sleep walking into her bosom.
Street lights and headlights lit the way as I stepped swiftly, aggressively,
Until my legs ached, and with the heat of blood and exertion stretched easily.
Into the darkness I ran as I met with the path, Luna lacking in the sky
Though the ancient lights were above me playing guide and inspiration
Urging me on with every screaming muscle, every ragged breath. But I went faster and farther than ever before.

I crossed under the bridge, experienced darkness until the lamp of sojourners
Lit my way, dispelling the illusion of the rocks and river, the chariots cruising overhead.
Then I know the darkness awaited me again, one covered by verdant trees,
Ominous and looming overhead, choking out the ancient lights, daring me to try
My mettle against their maw.

But I am a Titan. I am a Guardian. I am a Light. My mantra held me as I stepped
Towards the wood. But there was a veil when I looked down the path, between the trees,
My vision played tricks and illusions consumed me. It said there was a net, that I could not pass,
That Nocturne forbade me from crossing the threshold, and I chanted louder, with every wheezing breath:
I am a Light. I am a Light. I am a Light. And I crossed,
And my footsteps rang true, though my eyes filled me with fear.

Then I was through, half my run behind me, the gullet passed through with mind in tact,
And my mind said it was good, and my legs said I can still run, and my lungs said I could still breathe.
Back on the street, the world filled with man’s light, pushing away the
Fear of the unknown abyss on the peripheral, I knew I could run. I knew I was blessed.
There God held me in his arms and held off the cold, and filled my lungs with life,
I breathed for the first time, and there was joy in wind touched cheeks.
I am a Light, and I will travel into the Darkness, and I will come out victorious.

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