A light bulb clicked Saturday. This is how I work. I do not gradually learn as information is provided. It is continuously provided, it stacks on a scale, and eventually it all just clicks and I understand. It was something I’ve been anxious about for a while, and it just all clicked. It was like God said, “This is why I wanted you to be patient, and now I’m going to slap you upside the head and it’ll all make sense.”

Not only did a light bulb click on a long standing issue, but I went to a men’s group meeting for church, and it went well. Unfortunately mostly what I could say was, “You’ll get it when you see it.” People always have all these plans, they want to tell you how to do it, but it’s like, “Bro, I’ve been on the other side of the forest. I’ve seen what we have to get through and what we are looking forward to. I just can’t tell you exactly what it is. What I can tell you is if you take my hand, it will be worth it.” So many people don’t want to take the hand. So many want to step back and say, “But these are my plans.” Your plans will not work in this forest. It’s cool to watch, cool to see the perspective, and cool to understand.

I’ve been running regularly. A couple nights I thought I’d pass for whatever excuse. Within twenty minutes I had on my running shoes and I was out the door. Last night’s run went incredibly well and was absolutely beautiful. It led to the poem yesterday. It doesn’t feel like my gut is any smaller, but I can tell there’s a slight shift in it. It doesn’t quite billow around the edges like it did. As for the running, I can run about twice as far as my first run. I’m still going the same distance, but every time I’m walking less. Soon I’ll think about conquering the second stretch of the bike trail.

Aside from a few of my own pitfalls I’m struggling with, I’ve just felt really close to God this week. It’s been an intense week, I go to Guatemala a week from Saturday, and I feel things aren’t going to get less intense for a long time to come. Life is good. Life is blessed.

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