Tomorrow I am in Guatemala. I’m stressed about it. I’m the leader, I haven’t been nearly as meticulous as I generally want to be, and I feel like I’m missing things. Why am I not as meticulous? With work I’m basically doing two jobs: sales and moving company. I’m also preparing to move my apartment, break into a new market, and I have the joy of a touch of depression and a dash of anxiety. So ultimately, at the end of the day I want to curl up into a ball and die. Add that I can only seemingly get 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and yeah, we’re doing great.

However, there’s something awesome about my mind. As soon as I’m on that plane, I’ll relax a little. I will exhale and smile. At that point there is only Guatemala. That is the only thing on my plate. Work, moving, painting? None of it matters. Just need to get on that plane.

Once there, we will be helping clean teeth, do home visits, and teach VBS. The kids are adorable. Great kids. The people are also pretty cool. Cleaning teeth will be an experience.

In other news, I have a date when I return from Guatemala! This is like the first date in six months. Before that, first date in a year and a half or so. It’s been so long that when I told Dana, she responded, “With a woman?”

Though funny story, went to the cousin’s house. His wife asked, “Paul, do you do breakfast dates?”

I thought it a strange question. I’d basically go whenever someone was available. “With women?”

My cousin burst out laughing. “That’s what we’d assume, but I mean, if you want to go with men we won’t judge.” Good times.

This is the first date I’ve been excited about in years. As one friend put it, I’m finally on the rebound. It’s time to throw the heart back in the ring. So it can inevitably get its ass beat. Again. But what’s art without suffering?

Finally, I get published next week! I will be in Guatemala, but I’m sure it’ll be exciting back in the states. People will pop confetti, drink too many shots, and sign bras. Because that’s totally a thing. In my head it’ll be an amazing event. In truth, it’ll likely be a bunch of people on Facebook congratulating each other. That’s cool too.

It’s being published by Bushmead, through the writing group The Phoenix Quill. They even have a link to our anthology! Saying it will be the 31st. I will not be published this week. So come back in two weeks! Heroes is the anthology.

If you looked at the Quill link, you also saw that Monsters is the next anthology! So I’ll be planning that out this week a little. I’m not even sure where I’ll start out. I’m not good with monsters. However, I do think I might try going something Lovecraft.

I leave you with a joke that I find hilarious every time I see it.

attempted murder

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