Exhausted: Not Fiction


I’m single because I’m fat. I can’t tell people how I really feel. I fear the world, and the only way I can communicate with it is through fiction. The world is a punishing place for people who want to do right. Things said to me or that I realized within the last 24 hours. Go team. I think I’ll write a novel so I can make other people feel as exhausted and crappy as I do.

5 Comments on “Exhausted: Not Fiction

  1. You’re not single because you’re fat. “Fat” is a relative thing, unless you top 300 pounds. Within reason, “fat” is a mindset that will hold you back. There are people out there who will love you not only despite your rolls but because of them.
    No, you’re single because you’re still looking for the right girl and you won’t settle for less, as it should be. It’ll happen. Try not to be impatient.
    For the rest, I of course don’t know what you’re talking about with the exception of communicating through fiction. I do the same thing. Not only is it safe, sometimes it helps us to get through a difficult situation. Keep writing, my dear.

    • Oh the fat thing was totally said to me. I want to lose weight for health, but I know it’s not what’s holding back my dating life. Thank you for encouragement. I’m in dire need of it currently ^.^

      • Oh boy, you need to keep away from those kinds of people. Health is the best reason to want to lose weight. I’m doing the same.
        And you’re welcome. That’s what friends are for. 🙂

  2. Writing is an excellent channel/outlet for lesser-than-ideal emotions, not only to possibly share them in a form of communication like you mention, but also to help comprehend your perspective of the world around you. I think you should totally write a novel with emotional themes of Crappy and Exhausted for its foundation; who knows – maybe you’ll even like it! Might as well go for it if you can. :3

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