Halloween and Reformation Day

Weird having them on the same day. I love Halloween. This year, though, was lackluster. I turned in my apartment keys. I did get to listen to my Halloween song. I also watched Jurassic World. I suggest it.

As for Reformation Day, it’s awesome to know so long ago that there was a guy willing to work to bring justice to a corrupt system. While people look at dogma and the system and decry it, it’s people who show Christ’s love, and every once and a while large organizations which can bring together enough resources to change places on a larger scale. I pray to be a light in the world for Christ.

With that I was going to do a Halloween poem, but I’ve got nothing. In a little over an hour NaNo starts. Good luck to the participants. I took a three hour nap and had coffee, so I’m good and ready for the time! Until midnight, going to play some Destiny and beat up aliens for candy.

Blessings on your night. Blessings on your future.

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