Black Eyes

You look like crap.

I nearly laughed. It was the first time I really looked into a mirror for a while, obviously. Under my eyes there were black bags streaking across where the smile line was, right above the cheek.

“I do.” My voice was a little rough from an illness, some caugh. “Think it’ll improve?”

With what? The extensive work you have the next four days? The one more flight? Feeling sick? Insomnia that even when you’re run into the ground you can only get a couple hours of sleep?

I grinned, amused. It was right, all right, as I was right. We were one, but it helped to keep myself in check. “I think maybe next weekend. Maybe I’ll sleep next weekend.””

It was difficult to look away from the dark bags under my eyes, so black and extensive I couldn’t figure out what to do about it. I was partially impressed. But man did I look like crap.

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