Final Proofs Approved!

They never tell you what happens when you’re done with your novel. They don’t tell you after the fourth edit, when it’s gone to the beta readers, when your self doubt kicks in, when you finally get over it and decide to throw your story to the masses, they don’t tell you what happens after the fifteenth edit.

A while ago I put my proofs in. I then get back the cover and galley (or inside). I got a price for the book (it’s definitely more than I was hoping it would be). I then received a call about my marketing goals, and decided that I’m good for now. I have a marketing plan, and I don’t need to drop a couple grand to make my dreams come true. I understand the chances this novel turns into a best seller or a movie are slim, and the more I write the more exposure I get.

So after three rounds with the cover and galley, I approved my proofs tonight. Based on an older estimate, it was taking about a month for the novels to get out, so in a month I should have my novel. This will be way in time for the trip out to Utah in February, and it will make a trip out to Dayton in April for a book fair worthwhile. I am excited.

I am also exhausted. After a little over a month with depression, the depression is subsiding. With everything happening so quickly it wasn’t hard for me to succumb. It’s the worst I’ve had depression in a long time, but it’s almost all clear. Ultimately life is good, I am in a good place, but man can my mind take me to some horrible places, especially when tired.

Anyway, it’s nap time for me. I will do a cover release likely two weeks before book launch. Also, Lands of Volden will be getting a nice little shot in the arm. This weekend I will be working on getting several pieces stacked up so I can have weekly releases, as well as starting the new novel. I wrote a paragraph for novel #2 last night. Which is the first writing I’ve done in six weeks, so happy day.

Peace and blessings!

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