Merry Hatred

I think I figured out why it never feels like Christmas. It started when I took my current job.

Part of it is I don’t have the Christmas festivities of teaching at a private school. They were a lot of fun, but also terrifying. At the end of the day, however, 75% was positive.

I don’t have that anymore. I hang out with family a couple days, it’s a lot of fun, I get like two days off work instead of two weeks, and it’s really like a long weekend. More often than not, Thanksgiving is more impactful.

But there’s something dragging on it besides that. As I’m looking at Facebook everything is about Trump, politics, fuck Republicans, ban guns, Obama’s an idiot, Christians are bigots, fuck Christmas, Muslims are evil. It took me five minutes to find:


At which point I laughed my ass off. I mean it took a moment, at first I was like, “What cause is someone upset about now?” But then I read it and it was like, thank you. To my one friend who always keeps is light.

Maybe it was what I posted. There was something that shows you Trump supporters, and out of my near 400 friends there were only four. And out of four, there was only one who may not have been ironic. So I make a Facebook comment that it seems Trump is primarily liked ironically. The hate is piled on. No, Trump isn’t ironic, he’s the sign of what the Republican party is.

Wait. What? His poll numbers are plummeting with every time he speaks.

It didn’t stop there. It just kept rolling into Republicans are evil, bigots, and so on. Most my friends are evil and I have to admit, I’ve never seen one speak so cruelly about a Democrat. Sure they rib, sure they say that’s not going to work, sure they say, “Think it out.” But they’ve never blamed the majority of democrats of being evil. And don’t get me wrong, I know the person saying these things is the Democrat equivalent of the crackpot Republican. I know they’re out there. I see the trucks covered in bumper stickers.

The problem is it didn’t stop here. It didn’t stop with him. The rest of my news feed was hatred towards Trump, Republicans, Christians, Christmas, and so on. Usually there’s some refugee and Muslim hate as well, but that doesn’t happen until the afternoon.

Why can’t we enjoy what we enjoy? Why does every ten posts have to consist of “How Christmas is Pagan”? I know why Christmas is on December 25th. I get it was a competition to party. I don’t see people trying to ruin Hanukkah for the same reason.

So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to make Christmas festive. I’m just going to unfriend assholes. If they post and don’t comment, I’m going to unfollow their news feed.

We are a society with so much to be grateful for. We are a society that is leaps and bounds beyond most, even civilized, countries. But wow has that made it so we can ever focus on the bad. You can never purge societal evil. You can only shift its focus. We are beings of fear and anger, and we will find it somewhere.

So this holiday season, don’t be a dick. Stop pissing on people. Merry Christmas.

One Comment on “Merry Hatred

  1. I had a similar sentiment concerning the phrases of holidays. I’d seen a picture on facebook and added my own comment about being nice to each other.

    We’re so mean to each other these days that it’s depressing and just plain wrong. If we treat each other with kindness that kindness gets passed on to others we know or even strangers. Proven with the “pay it forward” things that happen.

    I have always loved this image, Paul. It always makes me smile. A cousin of mine has a shirt with a similar image. His says “Bad Spellers” at the top, in the middle the fist and at the bottom “Untie!”

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