Writing with my tie on

I sit here, 9:45pm, with my nice slacks and tie on. And a button up shirt. I’m not a savage. Or a Chip and Dales performer.

I’m writing. The first twenty minutes I still had my coat on. I was cold. I could turn on the heat, but what happens if I do is suddenly at midnight it’s an involuntary sauna and my sheets are soaked. Still trying to figure this out, I think it has to do with neighbors.

More than likely, when I go to bed at 10:30 or so, I will first go into my room, hang up my pants and tie, and get into pajamas. I don’t want to ruin the flow. The flow of writing.

So good news! I’ve been writing nearly 2,000 words a day for the next novel. About an hour a day. Today was a little more draining due to dinner, but it was a fun dinner. And delicious. I had my first truffle! It tastes like a mushroom….

I want the second novel manuscript done by the end of February, which will be challenging.

Also! Next week I get to go to my first writer’s con! I’m way excited. While it means I won’t be at the release of Deadpool, which I’m entirely bummed about, it does mean I’ll be networking and making contacts among the writer community! I did want to have something finished so I could present, but all I’ll have is the old novel which I feel tacky presenting, since no one can pick it up for another three months.

In more awesome news, I’ve sold 28 physical copies through Amazon. This doesn’t include any digital or that I sold from my own stock. So I’m around 50 sold. I’m pretty happy with this. Low goals.

Anyway, hope you’re creating through your exhaustion. Long day. Time for bed. Maybe a little reading.

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