What I’m giving up for lent

It’s lent today! Basically round two of New Year’s resolutions. I stopped doing lent for a long time because of that. What does giving up pork have to do with Jesus?

I had it explained to me a year or two ago that really lent is a time to give up something in order to make room for Christ and grow in faith. What indeed does pork have to do with this? Or soda. Or….

So instead of giving up an item, I’m giving up time. I’m figuring twenty minutes a day to read my Bible. I’m a horrible Christian and lapse in many aspects, so that’s a good starting point. Then I’ll give up my Saturday morning to a soup kitchen. Not that Saturday. I’m at a writer’s conference this Saturday. But after that. I’ll talk more about the conference at another blog next week, since next week is my week.

For those who are Christian, I hope you’re giving up something to gain a closer relationship.

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