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My experiences from Utah!

Broken Mirrors

I went to LTUE last week with a writing friend, Christine Haggerty. You should read her books. She’s brilliant. Not only do I adore her writing, but she dragged me to a conference where I learned a lot, met a lot of people, and fell in love with a writing community.

With that said, here are the top tips I have for writers from this conference. Aside from the obvious one of go to a conference. Preferably LTUE so we can all hang out. It’s also a super chill conference and it’s priced right.

“Before you go” list

1. Business cards

Before you head off to Salt Lake City (actually Provo), get some business cards. I had 250 through my publisher. I gave away around 20 and got back even more than that.

Business cards show you care. They show you are motivated. They show you expect something…

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4 Comments on “Writer Conference Tips

  1. This is really handy information. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been debating for a while about using VistaPrint for business cards, but I’ve never been 100% certain on it.

    • I’ve dabbled in templates and they’ve turned out pretty cool. I haven’t pulled the trigger because my publisher ended up sending me 250 of my own. Once those are out, I’ll be using Vista. Glad the info could help!

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