Marketing! The skill they don’t teach

More information than a city of commerce kiosk. My final post on the conference. Maybe. At the very least about what I specifically learned. Maybe I’ll tell you guys about the steamy romance panel.

Broken Mirrors

As I continue striving for work related to writing, I become more disillusioned with my attempted writing degree. Attempted because I didn’t finish my capstone of writing a novel. Or did I? Arabian epic fantasy with a djinn assassin would have never flown. Buy it today. In your face one course away major!

The reason I became disillusioned was because they did not spend time on the marketing aspect. I also don’t think this is just my school, but creative arts overall. In a world filled with indie artists, small press publishers who do little more than tweet about you every couple days, and having millions of books readily available, we need to know how to make our books pretty.

LTUE (do I ever get tired of tooting their horn? Answer is now.) had a new professional development track, and I went to all of them. You can find what I…

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7 Comments on “Marketing! The skill they don’t teach

      • I suppose there’s an element too of how much is too much. Is it possible to learn something like that though? Or is it instinct?
        Hey, did you hear OM is promoting books? Might be worth it…

      • On my 8th edit and part of it’s gone to The English Professor (englishprofessoratlarge here on WP) to be edited properly. I hope I haven’t given her too much to do. 😉 I’ve got someone else working on the cover and I’ll probably self-publish this year. Not sure yet whether or not I’ll split it in half. Hoping I’ll get some more feedback on that.

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