Why I love DP

Yum. Click bait.

You’re either here because you’re a bit sick, morbidly curios, or a really great Deadpool fan. I welcome all of you, though some of you will be disappointed. I’ll let you figure out if you’ll be disappointed or not yourself. Maybe you’ll even learn something new and exciting, a fresh passion to penetrate, plunging yourself into it, drilling the content for all it has to offer. Is the metaphor going too deep? Let’s move on.

Inserted this image so it would help drive home the point

I’ve seen Deadpool twice now. I was afraid to enter the second time because often movies that were good the first go round aren’t as desirable on the second dip. The plot doesn’t seem as tight, the jokes shrivel with age, the dull and repetitive parts are simply more pronounced.

Deadpool didn’t let me down on the sloppy seconds.

I fell in love with the character Deadpool a few years back, before even the leaked footage. Why did I love him? He was sardonic, insane, and realized he was fictional.

My love for the movie began when Ryan Reynolds basically became Deadpool. Sure there were commercials, there were clips from the movie, but there were completely made up clips. There was a Christmas clip, one for Australia Day(which was because he claimed Wolverine was from Australia, which confused me at first since he’s from Canada, but then I realized Hugh Jackman was from Australia, and he wasn’t actually talking about Wolverine, but the actor playing Wolverine), Valentine’s Day, Cancer Awareness Month, and a few others.

In an E! interview, he killed Slater. He recognized Mario Lopez as Slater.

He was my hero. He brought Deadpool out of the movie and into the real world, where he belonged.

But now for the things which really made me love Deadpool and the movie.

1. Deadpool says what’s on his mind

My brother watched DP two times in a row, a Saturday and Sunday combo. He spoke freely, said things one doesn’t in public, and his retort was, “I should not watch that much Deadpool.”

Thing is, that’s just how I think. If you get me drinking it’s how I talk. There is so much witticism that is missed out on this world, so many puns and dirty jokes. Deadpool just says and does what’s on his mind. Sure he takes it further than I do, or anyone not in a nut house, but it’s refreshing to see.

2. He has feelings

Despite the hard exterior, the wiping out of the entire Marvel Universe and literary community, the jokes, and the immunity to death, Deadpool has emotions. He hides behind a tower of chimichangas to hide the emotional pain and desire to die that’s deep within him. That’s not evident as much in the movie because he gets the girl, but in the comics, he’s often left with nothing, and there are entire series dedicated to him trying to discover himself and his purpose. He is the perfect existential character. Heck, he killed the MU in an attempt to die by destroying any purpose for him to live.

3. He doesn’t take life seriously

The guy ran around with a Hello Kitty bag. My friend told me that when the DP Twitter account was first created, the only Twitter he was following was Hello Kitty. How classy is that?

Okay, this was a horrible list. It was a bad idea. But I loved Deadpool. What did you love about the movie? What do you love about the guy? Leave it in the comments. For those of you who didn’t go, spoiler alert! I mean, more than likely.

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