My first Pokemon battle

First, I swear this kick will end. At the end of the year. When the Pokemon 20th anniversary is finished.

Second, it’s not really my first, but my first in a long time. It was also against a significantly better opponent. I’ve never played someone I know who is significantly better than me. To be honest, I’ve been afraid to play him because I know how much he puts into the game, and it makes me look lazy. In a video game.

We battled twice and it reaffirmed a lot of the Pokemon themes, which was cool. First, he whooped me. I was able to take out three of his Pokemon in the first battle and five in the second. However, in that second battle a lot of me getting ground was he couldn’t use the team he wanted, and he was trying to show me all his bug types. Oh, did I mention he was only using bug types? I knew exactly what I was up against. Still put in a grass/poison type.

I learned a lot about moves I usually don’t utilize, switching out at good times, and using poor moves. I also learned my Pokemon are slow. So, so, so slow. I went first once.

So as cheesy as this sounds, it was a worthwhile couple battles. It was a lot of fun. It was also awesome watching someone I consider a master play. I’ll have to train some more.

Interested in battling, trading, or exchanging tips? My friend code is 1091-9607-6694. I have X/Y, Alpha/Omega. I will be getting Sun/Moon. I do not have IV bred Pokemon. I’m a little more natural.

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