Grimm Chronicles: Vol I and II

Christine Haggerty captivated me a few years ago with her blog. Through that we actually became friends, creating a small writer’s cult. Or circle. I mean really cult or circle all depends on what you do with the candles.

Then I was awed by her amazing YA series, which is being revamped to not be YA. I was able to beta read the book, and it took my breath away. I’m excited for her adult version.

Then she joined with another friend’s publishing company, The Crimson Edge (which you should also check out for their line of fantasy goods). She popped out a series called the Grimm Chronicles. I had read some of her twisted fairytales long ago through her blog when we were mostly playing at being authors, and when I saw her at a writer’s conference I had to pick these up.

pretty things.jpgone two.jpg

The first is Pretty Things. It’s the Robber Bridegroom. If you haven’t read the story, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Ultimately, there is a young woman who likes to romp around with men. She upsets her dad who more or less auctions her off to whatever guy says “I do.” Moral of the story? Never give your daughter away to a boy you just met.

In One, Two Blood on My Shoe, we have a Hansel and Gretel retelling. You all know that story. There are significantly more twists in this, though, running off script. Which I think is good.

Pretty Things gave a slow start up, but a very satisfying middle and end. The flow was exquisite, the tension kept me reading, and it definitely delivered on Christine’s general push for dark fantasy, in which there is definite loss, and the loss shows that no one is safe.

One, Two Blood on My Shoes went much further into the dark nature of the Grimm tales, as well as Christine’s own imagination. I was gripped from the very beginning in a sorrowful story and wrung like dirty sheets as I continued to digest the tale. She does a great job on organic reveals throughout.

The only thing I’m sad about is waiting for the next book in the series. Either way, you should check out Pretty Things and One, Two Blood on My Shoes as soon as you can. They’re both exquisitely told, as Christine doesn’t give anything short than a horrifying classic when her words touch paper.

3 Comments on “Grimm Chronicles: Vol I and II

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    Some good novellas from a friend of mine. It’s part of a series, and the first two are already out. Very well written twisted fairytales.

  2. Thanks, Paul! The best part of all of this was seeing you.

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