Video game kid leagues

I’m playing a game called Paragon. It’s really awesome. I’m actually decent at it, which surprises me because I’m rarely good at competitive games. They make me nervous, jumpy, and angry. This is my score. It’s actually suffering massively today, and it’s the reason I’m writing this article. Yesterday I was the top 15% in the world.

Paragon is known as a MOBA. I’m not sure what it stands for. Ultimately there are two teams. Each team has a core and your goal is to blow up their core. There are three lanes which lead to the core, each lane with three turrets per team you need to blast through. Between the lanes is a jungle, which is a harsh and mysterious maze meant to kill you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are five people on each team. A very basic strategy is to have two people in the left and right lane, one in the center, and then people can easily reach the center if the need arises.

Another strategy is to have two in the center, one in the right and left, and a jungler. A jungler is a bit like Bane. “You merely adopted the jungle. I was born in it, molded by it.” The idea is the jungler, he whom was molded by the jungle, can jump into the left or right when required (doing what is called ganking), and one of the centers can easily shift over as well. This is my preferred strategy.

Finally, the reason I am writing this article. There is a pervasive strategy known as little league soccer strategy. It is the bane of team sports.

Those of you who remember your little league soccer days or have kids, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the thought of every ten year old on that field. It is the driving force of the game, strategy be damned (because as much as America might make fun of soccer, it is a very strategic game compared to baseball or football).


In case you forgot

You know this. Passing is two feet away because you’re teammates are all there. A steal doesn’t really net much because you need to get through a wall of midgets. Honestly, you’re all just going to trip over each other and end up covered in dirt and with hypothermia. This may have nearly happened to me. I don’t know why we do soccer before the age of 12.

This gets frustrating. My ability in the game with my primary is that I can teleport on people. This makes it very easy for me to swoop in and help escape or win the day in brief soirees. The unfortunate part is when we aren’t spread out and doing what we’re supposed to, there’s no point in me jumping into a meat grinder of a team that is playing smart, compared to our little league team.

Ultimately, I just reach a point where I try to mitigate damage and I stay back. Because I dislike dying at the hands of my teammates.

Isn’t this our strategy in life, too, though? Just run at it. Chase it down. Jump in with everyone else, without stepping back to make sure that’s where you’re supposed to be, or even want to be.

What’s a time in life where it felt like everyone was running in like a small child, and you had to step back and watch in horror?

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