Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Did you see the trailer? The one that has Call of Duty collectively freaking out?

After watching the really cool Battlefield 1 trailer (I loved 3, enjoyed 4, didn’t even bother with Hardline), I thought I would watch the CoD trailer that was going to be the nail in their coffin. It’s the trailer that made people more excited at the remastering of Modern Warfare, a game that’s around a decade old, than it did at the next installment.

Mind you, I think CoD is for small children who love repetitive game play with entirely unrealistic gun mechanics. In Battlefield 3 and 4, I loved playing with the M249.

The orange tip lets you know it’s wearing protection. I think.

The gun required me to go prone and use a bipod if I wanted to shoot anything smaller than a tank ten feet away. Why? Because my frail mortal coil can not handle a weapon which shoots over 100 rounds per minute.

Whenever I went up against another guy with an LMG (light machine gun, because it’s considered light if you can carry it), if I took the three seconds of not shooting to drop prone, put out the bipod, and then fire, I won. Every time. Why? Because he couldn’t shoot me in the time it took for me to set up, and once I was set up, by Ares and Mars combined, this is a destroy of men.

I went over to my cousins and we played CoD online. I went with the M249. Did you know you cannot go prone or get stability in CoD? It freaked me out, but it’s CoD, so I shrugged. Then I fired it.

It was like watching steaming urine shoot 50 yards out, this beautiful barely wavering line of lead. I lit it up. Sniper across the map? Sir…you better hope your one shot hits, because I only need 25% of my shots to hit and you’re dead before reload. When finished, I didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t running around with one of these bad boys.

Back on task. The new CoD trailer. Everyone is hating it. There are so many dislikes. I went and watched the above trailer, and I was impressed.

The last game, Black Ops III, played heavily with sci fi. It was basically magic technology. This is going to the next step. From what I can gather there’s a colony that is declaring war on earth. What? Are we in Japan!? This is an awesome plot line. It took forethought. It took creativity. It took space battles?! Where did these come from!? Why aren’t they in Battlefront? No really…who came up with the idea of a Battlefront game without space battles? EA could learn something from Activision. Space battles are cool.

Anyway, I was massively impressed, and I couldn’t comprehend why people were upset. The game play itself looked very similar to past CoD. Unreal Tournament fast with guns that handle so unrealistically they must have been conjured by a far more brutal Ratchet and Clank.

It’s a growing issue. We like to claim how bad American culture has always been, but honestly, we’re innovators and creators. We’ve been the hot bed of new culture for at least the past century. Our music, art, writing, movies, and so on. But lately? Sequels. There’s a good book, so opt that. Prequel!

Cultural advancements, advancements in ideas and veering away from the tried and true, are being penalized like never before. People aren’t excited by CoD exploring new fronts (I am), they’re excited that CoD is remaking an old game. They’re vehemently opposed to the new frontier.

I feel bad for Activision. They went out on a really awesome ledge, and now they’re getting bombasted because they’ve cultivated a core of small children afraid of new things. I’m sure they don’t eat their broccoli either.

Anyway, Activision when called out said this is pretty normal. The franchise will continue to thrive and even survive. All those people saying they’ll buy Battlefield 1 instead, will jump into it and go, “But guns don’t have recoil!” and they’ll shuffle right back.

As for Battlefield 1, I am very excited. They are placing it in World War I. We don’t talk about that war much, yet it changed the course of the world. It created/destroyed the missing generation. Warfare was brutal, unforgiving, and never in our history had life so thoughtlessly been slaughtered. Legitimately. Men ran across barren fields to get mowed down by machine gun fire. There was no defense against it.

My only fear is it’s a hard war to depict accurately. I hope EA and Dice do it justice.

Below is the BF1 trailer! Check it out. Very pretty.

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