Far Cry Primal: Verisimilitude

Well kids, we should have the talk. The talk where someone stretches verisimilitude to the point of breaking.

What’s verisimilitude you ask? I’m so proud of your inquiring mind! Verisimilitude is a writing term which refers to the believability of the work.

An example would be a book on the middle ages has machine guns. This would likely break your suspension of disbelief. That’s drastic, there are far simpler examples. Look at people who survive when they shouldn’t. Over and over again. At a certain point, they should croak, and you start getting to the point where you can’t believe they’re still alive.

Are there exceptions? Most certainly. Deadpool knows he’s not real. Any Mel Brook’s movie goes way off the top, but it makes sense in context. Robin Hood asked for the script at a point. Most of these are parodies. There are the less ridiculous alternate realities. Just enough anachronistic shenanigans to keep it interesting, but not enough to make us go, “Are you kidding? Please be kidding.”

Enter Far Cry Primal. I’m really confused on how to feel about it.

Who doesn’t like a trailer? Anyway. That’s the gist of the game.

Moving on!

The game takes place in 10,000 BC. You’re basically a caveman. And by basically, you literally live in a cave, though at least your village doesn’t. You’re beset by a group obsessed with fire and another obsessed with man-flesh. Not like, advancing the LGBT community man-flesh. Like…eating it. And really they’re gender neutral on the whole cannibalism thing.

You are the first animal tamer. Cool concept. I do wish I’d go out, tame some goats, and bring them back to the village for milk and meat, but apparently I only comprehend massive predators who can rip my enemies apart. Still very awesome, but what I’d do for domesticated goats. Let’s get these people some cheese.

They have different regions, which are cool. The landscape is impossibly varied, but understandably you only have so much ground, so I shrug at that. It’s a common component in sand box games.

Then I saw I get bombs. There is a bee bag bomb, which while stretching suspension of disbelief, it doesn’t entirely shatter it. Then there are fire bombs. They explode.

Wait what? In 10,000 BC? By conservative estimates that’s only like…10,800 years off? Why are things exploding?!

But that’s fine. I’m enjoying hunting animals. It apparently takes a while to get the greatest technological advancement ever known by cave men, and I still enjoyed just chilling in shadows or riding my bear into combat. And no, I’m totally okay riding a bear. I had hallucinations on how to tame him. Totally all within the world’s realm of possibility.

Then I got a new bow, instead of my crappy short bow, which was basically, “Look, a twig!”

Longbow. Wait….

Need a history lesson? The longbow was one of the greatest technological advancements. It gave Britain a huge advantage during the 100 year war with France. That’s right. Britain and France were official countries when the longbow was invented, which was around the 1300s AD. Only 11,300 years off this time.

From the fact that I’m not using bombs and the longbow was an improvement I didn’t really need (better range, though not actual longbow range, and a zoom feature because…I don’t even know), they obviously didn’t have to shatter these two walls. It just annoyed me that they would try to pass it off as something normal.

I still love the game and highly suggest it. There’s something about running around with an animal killing other animals, cannibals, and arsonists. Not that I’m really innocent on the arson.

They do a great job with the invention of fire. I love burning forests just to see what happens. I’m a horrible person.

Anyway, still pick it up. Lots of fun. I’m going to burn down a village before I get back to edits.

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