Why I refuse to use self-checkout

Every time you go into a Target, Walmart, your local grocery store, and so on, there are always those banks of kiosks, usually four to a group, where you can check yourself out. There is one person per four to watch for any issues and just to make sure you’re staying honest. One person, with your help, is doing the job of four.

I recently went to Target, standing in a normal lane, when the guest services manager (I can’t remember the actual title…GSA?) came over to me. “Sir, you can use one of the self-checkout lanes. They are open.”

This was helpful. There was no lane that was short, and by that I mean it was mom shopping for the family and they were literally on the last roll, box, bag, etc., of everything, so they’re doing about $200 of shopping in one go, with $5 items.

“Thank you, but I’ll stay in my lane.” It wasn’t even a hot cashier. I mean, let’s be honest, there is a certain look that goes with about 50% of any Target cashier.

Why would I stay in that lane?

I want that cashier to have a job. Every time you go to those self-checkout lanes, you’re denying that person work in the future. You are validating a system. It’s a system where one person does the work of four.

I get why they’re doing it. Labor is expensive. Even at $7.whatever it is, let alone at $15. Even more so for small businesses, though large ones actually have the financial backing to do something about it.

But I believe in paying people. I believe in interacting with people. I prefer doing all my banking at the bank, not through the internet. I prefer talking to a person compared to a phone purgatory. It’s something I truly believe in, and for that, I will never use the self-checkout, no matter how long the line in the usual lanes. Because I believe in people. And sometimes I believe in interacting with people, even if they aren’t the hot cashiers that seem to litter Target.

What causes do you believe in? What do you do in order to stay true to them? What inconveniences do you incur?

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