My friend is a spider

My apartment’s been horrific. From the mold, to the finish stripped off the bath tub, to the…everything. It’s horrible.

Especially with critters. There are insects and spiders everywhere, and constant cleaning is required to keep them in check. However, in the bathroom there is one spider that I cannot kill, and as time goes I’ve become more and more okay with that.

He lives on the heating register and hides in there when judgment is released. I’ve even tried the, “Got you moments,” thought surely he was dead, and then witnessed his web the following day.

However, at a point I had an ant issue. They were coming in through the bathroom wall under the toilet. Lots of them. I’m not sure what they found.

None of them made it past the toilet. Their curled up black corpses littered the floor and I was vacuuming regularly to get them. However, I didn’t have to worry about trapping the ants and working on lengthy pest control because the spider created a graveyard. Vacuuming was far easier than all the crap you need to buy to keep ants at bay.

With the heat of this summer, I saw a spider spike in my bathroom. A lot of them. I couldn’t keep up with the killing. That’s when I noticed they were curled up on the floor. My pet spider was a super spider, and he defended our territory with jaws of justice. Or mandibles. Whatever.

Anyway, this little spider is doing a bang up job. I’ve never wanted to have a pet spider so much in my life. May need to capture him and take him to the next apartment, since we obviously already have an understanding.

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