Pokemon Professor Exam

So tonight I spent like three hours reading information about Pokemon. I was basically studying for the Pokemon Professor exam. By basically I was. I want to get an organizer certification so I can organize events. In 30 days I’ll also apply for a judge certification, since the store I’m interested in helping needs both.

After doing all this reading, taking notes (if I write information, I remember it better), discovering how to do the paperwork required of an organizer, I went to take the certification test. I thought, I’m ready. I can take the world.

I could not. I looked at half the questions with a blank stare. Back to the drawing board.

I know I could have cheated. I could have looked up all the answers to the questions they gave me. A few were value calls, so those it’s really just what do I think embodies their values best, but a lot of it was not. However, two of the core values are integrity and honesty, and I greatly believe in both of these.

So tomorrow I study some more, read more of the information, and I think tomorrow night I’ll be ready for the certification.

I will become a Pokemon Professor. My friends will make fun of me. But I’ll be able to teach kids a cool card game, and that makes the mocking worthwhile.

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