Goodbye Facebook

I disabled Facebook Saturday. Ultimately I only did it to avoid the hatred that seems so prevalent currently. It was heartbreaking, there is no middle ground, and neither side can see the other. Why was I doing that to myself? Why was I inviting all that negativity into my life?

Then I had a life quote come back about surrounding myself with positive people. Yet I was not living that. The bigger issue was I didn’t want to unfriend all these people. Some of these individuals are quite dear to me, and I understand the social fallout which is linked with the severing of such ties.

So I disabled my Facebook account, and those who are still in touch with me are those I care about. I was told I should be able to use Messenger, but that failed. Fine. More texting and Google Hangout it is. However, the people I really want to be in touch with, I am.

This did cause one expected fault. Most of my online personas are tied to my Facebook account. My account isn’t there anymore. I can get through that.

The biggest uptick to leaving Facebook was unexpected. I’m blogging more. I’m writing more. I’m simply feeling better. It’s been about two days, and I’m much more productive. I didn’t realize how much time Facebook sucked out of me.

I did plan on returning to Facebook after the election, though the hate goes far beyond the election and likely won’t abate until after. If nothing else, my Facebook account may get a deep cleaning and I use it only for my writing and my other log ins.

On the otherhand, it’s really nice being productive.

Have you ever cut off Facebook? How did it go?

6 Comments on “Goodbye Facebook

  1. I’ve taken a couple of weeks off, but I’ve never let my account go. When I did that, I just refused to allow myself to sign in. And yes, I was more productive too. I played waaaay more casual games. 😉
    I’ll miss you there, but I’m glad I have you here. Especially if you’re going to post more. 🙂

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  3. Smart move, Paul! I’ve done the same. Not deactivated (too much business associated with my account), but am not engaging in social much and am mainly speaking with people in privet channels. Or not at all.

    We’re in such a polarized time right now.

    Glad you’re blogging and wish you all the best. XOXO.

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