Luke Cage

It’s finally on Netflix. I usually try to ignore news on release dates because you get so excited and it’s a year out. Two weeks ago I heard Luke Cage released September 30th! And then it released. It was fantastic.

I watched the first two episodes last night. It feels like I’m in the 70s and it’s an interesting commentary on Harlem and the culture. I’m excited to continue watching.

Luke Cage was probably my favorite part of Jessica Jones. He’s a strong hero with a lot of backstory, and though he’s a bit moping, he also seems to understand what he wants. Even if it’s wrong. I mean, he’s got super powers on par with the top heroes, and he’s a C lister?

Anyway, just a short endorsement on Luke Cage. I accidentally stayed up until 1:30 reading the rules of Tragedy Loopers so I could run a game today. Excited for that as well. Will write more about it after I play a few rounds, but to give you an idea, imagine those word problems where there are five items with five variations and five people, and you have to guess who has what items. But the players don’t know what the items are, someone is shifting them around to obscure them, and people are dying. You just really need people looking for a mental exercise.

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