Difficulties of being too nice

Am I too nice, or do I not like conflict? I mean, some conflict I embrace. I think I hate conflict when I’m powerless. My job requires me to often be the messenger. While the messenger has no power of the message, they’re often the first to feel the wrath of bad news. I hate that. I find it easier to step forward when at fault and say, “That was me,” then I do delivering the message of, “It’s their fault.” Because that always becomes my fault.

That was convoluted.

Anyway, I’m playing a game where war is the point. I have my favorite toys that I poke relentlessly and take their stuff. It’s the point of the game. But then we talk, they don’t call my mom a cow, everything is friendly, and by the end, we’re okay with each other. I give advice and allow them to use my targets, though it doesn’t benefit me. I’m too nice.

So am I too nice? Or do I need to grow a spine? Hard questions on Tuesday morning. When I don’t want to be editing. I should definitely be editing.

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