Loving Christ First

My girlfriend, Dana, was over with her daughter this weekend. It was the first time I saw Dana since we started dating, and the second time I saw her in person since knowing her for the past three or four years. She stayed with us for the weekend.


Saturday night we played games, especially Zombicide, with a bunch of my friends. We started late and went until it was early. I mean, 12:30am is really early morning. The following day we planned on going to church, but with it being so late we decided we would see what happened.

I customarily set my alarm for 5:30am. This time I let it die so I could sleep until I woke up. Which was 7am. I talked with a friend for a while, showered, and soon Dana was awake.

Both of us wanted nothing more than to hang out for the extra hour. We wanted to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. Maybe make out. Play with her daughter. However, with my new family over, I knew one thing which had paramount importance: Christ.

We got ready and spent the hour at church, and then some. We got there early, we left late. She was able to meet some of my church friends and my pastor who I was really close to. Her daughter acted very well in church. But it felt right being there with them.

I’m always told put Christ first, then your spouse, then your kids. I never fully understood what it meant to put Christ first. I didn’t get the sacrifices which showed I put Christ first. Then this moment happened, and I understood, at least at some level. I also understood why it was important.

6 Comments on “Loving Christ First

    • Thank you! It was an awesome trip. Fortunately get to see her in two more weeks, and shortly after hoping she’ll end up in Milwaukee.

  1. Amen. There is too much of “let’s see what happens” in Christian culture and not enough of intentionally putting Christ and His Word before our personal desires. Way to go!

    • Very. It was a surreal weekend. Being a dad wears well on me. At least based on three days 😛 Looking forward to taking on the role longer.

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