Pokemon: Route 1

Pokemon: First Steps

Linda and Ty were off in the tall grass. Kess wanted to just have time with Mizu. “What do you think we should do next? Move on?” He sat down and pulled out a rice ball and his map. “Looks like Viridian City is next,” he said between bites. Rice fell on the map, and he wiped it away.

Mizu shook his head and stared at the tall grass. “More training or more friends?” Mizu grunted. “Friends and training. Sounds good.”

Kess hadn’t caught any other Pokemon yet, but his squirtle was definitely stronger. He also liked picking fights, which put Kess a little on edge.

“Mizu, there’s a rattata. Think we can catch him?” Three rattata that were to be caught already fell to Mizu’s over eagerness and Kess’s lack of experience on holding back. “Use tackle.” One tackle was enough. The rodent looked in bad shape. Kess threw the pokeball and nailed it. “Ha! We did it!”

The pair danced, then Kess released rattata from the ball and knelt down. “Hey there, buddy. I’m Kess. This is Mizu. We would like to be your friends.” Rattata growled and kept his distance, but he didn’t try running. “That’s okay. We’ll become friends in no time, I’m sure of it. But for now…” He tapped rattata on the head gently with the pokeball, he returned to the ball. “Pidgey next?”

Pidgey and rattata were securely tucked away in their balls. “Should we go to Viridian now? You guys are pretty strong.” Kess was excited to try out the three at a gym.

Mizu grunted and the two wandered to the next city.

Viridian City was the largest city Kess had seen. Really it was the only place outside Palette Town he had seen. People drove by in cars, and there was enough foot traffic that it was disorienting. Some of the buildings were over three stories.

Kess released Mizu. “Do you want to walk around a bit? See the sights?” He nodded. “Sounds good. If you get scared, you can let me know.”

The people waved hello, and it made Kess smile. “This is a nice place. I wonder why mom never brought us here. Hey, look! The Pokemon Center.”

Doors swished open to let them pass, and inside there were a few other trainers. Linda was there, but no Ty. “Hey Linda! Where did Ty go?”

“On ahead.” She walked over to Kess. “Gym’s closed and he wanted to rush up to Pewter City. Apparently it’s a rock type gym, so you and I will have a lead on him.”

“Why’s that?” Kess put Mizu back in his ball and handed him over to the nurse. “Thanks, Nurse Joy.”

“You know type advantages, right?”

“I mean, sure. Water is strong against fire, which is strong against grass, which is strong against water.”

“More than that.” They sat down at a table and dropped their backpacks. Kess brought out his map as Lynda continued. “There’s a school here that can teach you. Ty and I spent some time in there, but most of it is just a refresher of the book Professor Oak gave us. You read the book, right?”

Kess blushed. “I mean, I skimmed it. There are videos on that, so I watched those.”

“It’s a book that an eight year old can read, and you didn’t finish reading it? You are out in the wild and you don’t know the type advantages or the types of the most common Pokemon? Kess, you’re going to get Mizu and yourself hurt. You can’t do that.”

Kess looked to the ground, his chest tightening. “I know. I’ll look through it.”

“No,” Linda sighed. “Go to the school. They’ll teach you what you need. Might want to spend the day there. I’m getting a water. You want one?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Nurse Joy called out, “Kess, Mizu is ready,” and Kess fetched his squirtle, releasing him from the ball. They both looked over the map.

“If we go west we can see the Pokemon League. That would be fun. What do you think, Mizu?” He grunted and nodded. Kess rubbed his head. “Maybe there will be some good Pokemon there too.”

Linda put down a water in front of Kess. “There are. Mankey and nodorins. A good fighting and poison type to round out a team. By now you’ve just got a water, normal, and flying type.” She paused. “You did catch a ratatta and pidgey, right?”

“Yes. Of course I did. That’s why it took so long.”

She smirked. “For a moment thought you just kept going home to heal up.”

Kess glared. “My team is strong. I could take you on, no problem.”

“Speaking of problems, what’s your problem?”

They were his friends, even if they were new to him.

“Sure. Let’s go outside and have a battle.”

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