The Races of G’desh

Here is a short compendium on the races of G’desh.


The men of G’desh have darker skin and brown to black hair. Often times they are bearded as a cultural norm, the beards and longer hair becoming curly. While men can learn any elemental magic, those in the southern desert tend to only learn fire, as fire spirits are dominant and tend to force other spirits into submission.

The men of G’desh are survivalists. They bolster merchants who spend most of their life trudging through the sands. Those of Abr hunt massive beasts in order to harvest salt. Mines near Lake G’desh bolsters some of the finest gems, and because of that, G’desh also boasts the best jewelers of Ji-Wei.


Small in stature, the delven only get to four feet, with women only reaching three feet. They have oily black skin, which peels if they do not submerse themselves in water once a day. Their hair is patchy at best, and shimmers silver as if made from the metal.

The delven live primarily around oases and travel as merchants, despite the pain this causes as their skin peels back. They are very religious, almost every one of them worshiping the One. Most dervishes, divine warriors blessed by the One, come from their ranks, though nearly all delven who are not dervishes are strict pacifists.


Men and women who are said to share blood with the fire spirit G’desh, the blackamoor are impossible to mistaken. Their skin is dark like coal, and their physique is more impressive then common men. They are both passionate and severe.

Out of fear for G’desh’s children, the men of the desert do their best to enslave and divide the blackamoor. Rumors stigmatize the people, and because of this, most blackamoor can only find martial positions on the outskirts of civilization. Those who remain in major cities become body guards and manual labor. Blackamoor find it easy to learn fire magic, but men do what they can to keep this power out of their hands.


A rumored race, the djinn are to look as the blackamoor, but with red hair. Fire runs through their veins as they are direct children of G’desh, not long lost descendants. With lifespans reaching centuries, they either stay home in a city of glass, or they wander as mercenaries.

The djinn are immensely passionate, taking in whatever pleasures meet their fancy. They do not care about mortal matters, as they will go away in a few decades. It is also stated the djinn can shift into half goat looking demons, with fire replacing fur.

Fire Spirits

While all elements appear in the desert, fire is dominant. Fire spirits are given to wild temperaments. They fixate on what a current interest, and that overtakes all sense. This could be money, women, strength, power, a hobby, or any number of other distractions.

Learn more about the denizens of G’desh in The Story of the Drowning Sands of G’desh.

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