The Bronze City

The Bronze City was built on the southern tip of Lake G’desh. It is considered the throne of the G’desh Desert, and the illusion is that whoever controls the throne controls everything. This is rarely true, but the wealth of the Bronze City is hard to argue.

The Temple

There is a staircase of bronze which leads from private docks up to the three major structures. This staircase becomes so hot in the summer time that it will fry a person and has been used for execution.

At the top, the far southern end of the Bronze City, is the Temple, a large rectangular structure plated in bronze, with gold spikes atop the walls. The Temple, at one time, could house the entirety of the Bronze City. It can hold approximately 5,000 people for services. There is one altar which takes sacrifices, though only priests are allowed to see it.

The Temple is at the top of the stairs because when the One commanded the city be built, He wanted it known that faith was the most important aspect of life.

The Academy

To the west is the academy. It is a circular building with large outdoor pavilions. It is made of marble, with gold and bronze trip. Inside are several circle hallways, attached through corridors. Between those hallways are an array of rooms. Some are massive, housing libraries or lecture halls. Others are small, intimate places for study or small discussion groups.

The Academy houses several libraries, with the central chamber being the depository of more information than anywhere else in G’desh, plausibly combined. From floor to ceiling, ranging three stories, there are tomes, scrolls, and parchment covered in scripture, prayer, and more secular pursuits. While previously there were complicated mechanisms to help move shelves around, the mechanisms have largely been forgotten or broken, leading to makeshift wood shelves replacing the once beautiful retracting marble shelves. This also decreased the volume of writings which can be stored.

The Academy has seen several fires, both intentional and not. A lot of knowledge has been lost, written, and lost again. Many attempt to secretly find hidden repositories in the hopes of regaining presumed lost knowledge, and some searches have proven productive.

There have also been expansions, with smaller buildings shooting off the main circular structure. These extra rooms act as classrooms and housing for those in the lower levels of academic society.

The Palace

The final structure, to the east of the stairs, is more of a mystery. Made out of gold and bronze, the Palace originally had a completely different purpose. Scripture says there were no kings when the Bronze City was founded. Prophets and judges kept the city running just fine. Because of this, some assume the Palace used to house these two keepers of the Word, but there is no evidence. It was likely destroyed in one of the many fires at the Academy.

Now it is the home of the king, khaliph, sultan, and whatever else the ruler on the throne wants to be known as. The Palace is large enough to hold his family, extended family, and the families of his closest advisers. Several rulers required families to stay in the palace. While these families lived wonderful lives, they were heavily guarded and obvious hostages.

Foreign dignitaries are often housed here, and, at times, nations which pay tribute have important family members remain in the palace for the same reason. Some of these families live incredible and peaceful lives. Others found out their home nation did not value them, or simply valued freedom more.

East and West City

Simply called the East and West City, these cities house overflow. There are some homes within the walls of the Bronze City, enough to hold around 8,000 people, but those homes were quickly taken, and now most of them act as services for the Temple, Academy, and Palace.

The East City is for the wealthy. The gate into the Bronze City proper is well-guarded, but ultimately always open. People pass through easily, and papers are rarely checked. There is a massive bazaar with rare and wonderful items, as the East City is one of the few places in the G’desh Desert who can afford such riches, barring the denizens of Fah Tashekesh.

The West City is where slaves are kept or found. It is dirty, with homes easily swept away by spring flooding. The wealthy only visit when partaking in illicit deals. The gates to the Bronze City are nearly always barred, and few have papers to get past the guards. Even those who do have papers are sorely abused.


This is a brief rundown of the Bronze City, the Throne of the G’desh Desert, built as instructed by the One.

Drowning Sands of G’desh

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