Dark Pokemon: Farfetch’d

The other day, Pokemon announced the newest addiction to Sword and Shield: Sirfetch’d. It is the new evolved form of Farfetch’d. I have mixed feeling on this.

Farfetch’d was one of the original 151, so my friend will acknowledge his existence. The stick, or leek, that he carries around is nearly a sacred object. He is a tragic Pokemon, as he is going extinct. While all video games have unclear entries for farfetch’d in regards to his near extinction, during one of the anime Ash gets a very different picture.

Farfetch’d, a Wild Duck Pokémon. Farfetch’d makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek. Because of this, Farfetch’d is nearly extinct.

Ash’s Pokedex, Episode 49

Why, Farfetch’d?! You carry around a leek, and leeks make you delicious. It always made me a little sad. This was also from the time when Pokemon was a little more open that people ate meat…and there’s really only one kind of meat in a world filled with Pokemon.

Farfetch’d, apparently tired of people using the leek to eat him, decided to use the leek to stab chefs.

He sharpened the onion, and he will fight with it until it withers. I can only assume because he suddenly feels safe from the depredations of man, he then retires. The onion is wilted, it no longer holds flavor, and so he will no longer allow himself to be held hostage by a life of fear. Good on you, sirfetch’d.

What is your favorite dark Pokemon? I might do a series or a list. There are some pretty dark pokedex entries.

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