Hetja Melna released!

It’s Wednesday! I had a book release. Book three is underway. I have an event online Saturday that I can’t attend because I’m camping. But I’ll make sure to post everything in advance in.

The Song of Hetja Melna

Talked about this the other week, but now it’s real. The Song of Hetja Melna, book two in the War of Chaos and Order series, is out.

It’s about a young girl trying to kill her brother and stop a cult. There’s magic, romance, tragedy, and some drugs. Check it out.

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Book 4: Working Title

I’m really excited about book 4! It has a tentative name, but I don’t want to spill it yet. What I will spill is it is heavily inspired by India. The Ramayana was a huge inspiration when I was in the planning stages. Hindu culture is absolutely beautiful. The weapons are really cool. And I might have mixed in a little Journey of the West. Why? Because Sun Wukong is awesome. That and shifting staffs made out of earth are pretty neat.

We finally get a look at the demons, as well. The next and final free standing book will showcase the gods, as the two factions prepare for a final war.

A Forbidden Friendship author takeover

I’ll be here on Saturday. I don’t remember what time. Check it out, no matter when I will be on. Honestly, I will be in Door County enjoying all the beauty God has bestowed upon us with forests, lakes, and children terrified of bugs.

Camping trip!

I am also going on an exciting camping trip that I’ll write more about next week. Either on Wednesday or before. I feel I’m coming to an appreciation for camping as I get older. It’s strange, but it seems there are many things that I did not care entirely for as a child that are more fruitful as an adult.


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Please sign up. I have four people. Come next week I’m starting a 100 in 100, where I try to get 100 subscribers in 100 days. It is not going well.

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