No Post, Too Tired

I’m still sick. I have a men’s retreat this weekend that is really intense. I have started doing my morning routine. However, with everything piling up, I did not have time for a well thought out post dotted with adorable pictures. Work has been my mistress, and Odyssey my release. Legit, basically working and playing Odyssey.

Image result for odyssey screenshots
Life is in red, I am in blue

Also going through some existential stuff, but I think that is just an issue of no time. And a screaming 6 year old with the attitude of a 12 year old. If you smack talk, you should probably make sure kids two years younger than you can’t put you in the ground.

Suppose that wasn’t a half bad post. But mostly just a half post. Have a great week! Something more substantive will occur next week, God willing.

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