Morning Routine

I have a morning routine. I don’t always follow it, but I do always have it. Since I’m not sure what else to write, and I know tomorrow I will have to go through this routine, I’m going to tell you about it. Fun!

Wake up!

Image result for alarm clock
Why do they look peaceful?

I couldn’t find an accurate alarm clock photo. There are people who say this is integral. You need to wake up early, and you need to be excited.

I am not excited, but I do wake up early.

5:40am is my alarm. I use a neat looking faux wood alarm clock from Target. I leave my phone to charge in the living room because numerous studies say cell phones in the bedroom are bad.


I really wish my phone wasn’t nearing battery death. I’d just take a bunch of real life pictures, where my apartment is a mess. But my phone nears death, not only of the battery type, but I dropped her face first, and she isn’t recovering well.

Image result for bible
How utterly majestic

Anyway! I turn on the tea pot, pour myself some tea (earl grey is a favorite, especially with lavender), and sit down with my Bible. I read two chapters. My kids are up by this point, begging me for food. I tell them to sit quietly and read.

Meditate, Stretch, Pray

Then I slap on some 15 minute YouTube meditations.

I’ve used this one a few times. Sometimes I just want music. Other times I want it guided. So I can ultimately ignore it.

My neck and back hurt, so I go through gentle stretches to loosen that up. Previously it was a full blown yoga routine before the 15 minutes of meditation, but that hurt too badly.

Then meditate upon the chapters I read, pray for those who need it, and clear my head.


I get the kids food, I get myself some eggs. Protein in the morning aids concentration.

Image result for feeding kids
Messiest one I could find


That’s it. Then get ready for work and out the door! It’s good times. I listen to this every morning to get me pumped.

What is with all the videos?!

Take away

Those last bits were really short. Spruced it up a little with pictures, but still, there’s only so much you can do.

The routine centers me. It gets me ready, it delineates me time from my kids, and it gives me more concentration throughout the day, as well as more wakefulness (as long as I skip McDonald’s on the way to work).

I highly suggest creating your own morning routine. Here’s a fun routine. Tony has great ideas.

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