Why am I Sick? (And a Give away)

I swear, the tissue wasn’t used…much

I am still sick. It’s been almost a month. At this point it’s a light cough and heavy congestion on the right side of my head. I have reached the point that now and then my ear clears out, and it feels like someone is pulling a rabbit out of it. Very disorienting.

It has destroyed my productivity, but today I muscled through. I said, “I will do things, and they will get done!” Then used the Pomodore technique. 20 minutes work, 5 minutes Shop Titans.

With that said, it’s the first really productive day I’ve had since being sick, despite my daughter waking up at 3 and crying until 5. Again. This is a three nights a week occurrence. I may just succumb to her whims and sleep when she does.

But gosh darn if she isn’t the cutest kid in the world. love her so much.

New House

Also house shopping. Have you done that yet? It sucks. We also have a really tight budget, and agents keep throwing words and concepts at us, and I’ve started going, “We can afford the initial costs, but it sounds like there’s a lot more cost on the back end.” I’m not sure how we’re going to do this. God is good, though. Still rooting for an apartment.


On the writing front, I’ve been really delayed. The third book, working title The Ghost Monkey, has been sitting in a massive heap at my feet under my desk.

I was going to write the fifth book for NaNoWriMo, but I haven’t planned that out. It’s a massive war, the flow of the war needs to be figured out, and then characters need to be inserted into it. That usually changes the flow of the war, but I can worry about that later.

The newsletter last week didn’t happen, either. BUT! I do have a give away I’m opening up to my website. And anyone.

Give Away

You can get a free copy of Mary Duke‘s Legacy. Just shoot me an email with your email (or comment below if you like spam), and I will send you a voucher. I am giving away up to five copies. First come, first serve. It will be digital.

The Future is Now!

In the next week or two I’ll have some cool projects. In part it will be to help fund projects. In part it will be to see how far I can get this writing project going. Heard some awesome podcasts, and they really fired me up. Along with being significantly less sick than I had been.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to?

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