The 94 Drafts of PR Davis

I’m sitting here, wondering what I want to write for my blog. It’s really a predicament for me. This idea is stupid. This idea can’t be written about. This idea is far too controversial. This idea can’t be read by my wife, who reads my blogs. I’d love to write all about our nightly activities. Such as watching Arrow and looking at our phones while ignoring each other.

Yet, unsure what to write, I have 94 partially completed drafts, accumulated over the last approximately seven years, staring at me. They plead, “Finish me. Bring me to completion. I am empty, and you can fill the void of my written soul.”

Yet I say, “No.” I look upon thee and despair.

But how often do we not finish? How many pages in our planner do we have without all the boxes checked? Sometimes without all the boxes even filled in?

Yesterday is the first day in over a month where I checked everything off (except the kids’ allowance, but they can deal with that, and they’ll get it today). Today I am going to do the same. As one friend, Larry Toller, posted, be the type of man who does what he says he will do. I’m back to striving to be more of that man again.

What are your struggles in completing what is ahead of you? What do you leave unfinished? How do you keep to it and continue pushing ahead on projects which become grueling?

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