Pokemon Sword/Shield Review

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Shield. The game makes Pokemon trainers out to be the amazing they are. With the game taking place in a world inspired by England, battles take place in soccer (or futball) inspired stadiums. Massive crowds cheer you on. And your Pokemon becomes massive.

There are also the dynamax and gigamax. Above is gigamax snorlax. He has a tree growing on him because he’s a super messy eater and needs a shower. So the seeds from the berries he ate grew on his stomach. It’s really cool looking.

The four player raids are also a ton of fun. The five star raids are generally difficult, but you can overpower through being a high level.

The starters are okay. The gyms are really cool feeling. The difficulty is in a good place overall, but you can easily over level. I don’t like all the Pokemon showing up on the over world.

So while I enjoyed it, it made me miss Sun/Moon.

Did I mention I like the gym leader designs? Overall. And their background story.

Anyway, I’d suggest playing it. So you can go back to Sun/Moon. And this review was really lazy…. Sorry guys! Long day.

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