Down I Went: Muscle Strain

I was given the gift of work today! I work every day, but from home, with kids running around, and ultimately I’m missing out on 90% of the fun stuff. Today I was able to go to a local school and measure out a dish machine. This is enjoyable.

Then I moved a heavy table for my parents. When taking it down the stairs, something happened. I felt a twinge. A twinge that said, “You have a strain or a hernia! lol!” But it died down, I went about my day, and then I was home, sitting down, hammering out work (today’s been busy), until I got up to get my daughter tea.

And then I was down.

It wasn’t that the pain was debilitating, it was more like you stand up, and something doesn’t respond correctly, and then you’re on the floor. Regaining my wits, I was able to get tea and pain killers.

Any fun quarantine stories out there? Let me know!

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