Fasting for a day

About two months ago I started Noom. Since starting, I’ve been down 20 pounds. I’m now down 15 pounds, but we’re going the right away again!

A large portion for going the wrong way has been overeating. This has been the reaction to some depression. Maybe more a lethargy? Either way, I was eating my way to happiness, since gaming myself to happiness is difficult with kids. Eating your way there just makes you an American.

However, I’ve gone months of undereating compared to my previous lifestyle. Some days I don’t even hit my meager calorie count of 1400. I had correction portions. I stopped when I was done. I figured out the calories of what I would eat for dinner, and that would decide what I had for lunch.

Am I having salad for dinner? Burger for lunch. Are we eating pizza for dinner? A couple carrots. And while that may sound like torture, it just became my lifestyle, and I felt amazing.

When you go from undereating to overeating

As I continued to shovel food in my mouth, I became uncomfortably full. I mean, I spent most my life in this state, but when you get out of it, it’s rough getting back to that benchmark.

Sleep was difficult. Waking up early was difficult. I always felt low level sick. I got really tired halfway through the day. What was going on? It went on for two weeks, I put back on 5 pounds, and I decided it was time to fix this.

Fasting: The Grumbling

I read and listened to a lot on fasting. Through Noom, they spoke about degrees of fasting, and feeling horrific, I wanted to go on a fast to let my stomach reset a little. It wasn’t a massive fast, probably about 20 hours. I ate last night around 8. Then I ate today at 5.

My stomach growled a little after I woke up. It wanted food. I drank water and tea, and it chilled out. No kidding, even up to 5pm I had no more stomach growling. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get hungry.

My Relationship with the Kitchen

However, I was cleaning, and to clean the living room and dining room, I need to go through the kitchen to throw anything out. Right past the fridge. Over and over again I saw her, and all the food stacked on her.

I opened the fridge at least four times in 15 minutes. Something clicked. The kitchen and I are in an abusive relationship. She convinced me I need her, when I need no such thing.

My doom is covered in princess magnets and children’s art

Noom and other places talk about, more or less, exposure therapy. If you stay in a place long enough, you eventually overcome the temptation. So halfway through the kitchen I stopped. I looked at all the food stacked up, I glanced at the fridge, and I took some deep breaths.

“I don’t need you or anything you provide. You are a room. You do not control my triggers and emotions. This is going to stop now.”

Fortunately my wife had her headphones in, so she couldn’t hear me. Of course nothing in the kitchen responded. It felt embarrassing.

But guess what?

That’s right, I had no more cravings, despite a dozen more trips through the kitchen, all the way up until five. And as five hit (and a little past), I stopped what I was doing, went to the kitchen, and had a decent sized meal.

Fasting is Good

I’m not saying this for everyone, but look into some fasting methods. Try it out. See if you’re overstuffing yourself, suffering the same abusive relationship with your kitchen that I am. Share your experiences. Definitely share your methods. I love having new ideas to go off of.

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