Under Construction

Photo by Bidvine on Pexels.com

Under construction can mean so many things, and for me right now it does!

First, you’ll notice this website shifting left and right. The main page is no longer the same. Some pages have been added, while others are retired. They don’t meet the new vision.

New vision, you ask? There’s the other part under construction. I’m reanalyzing what I want my writing to be, checking how to make it profitable, and re-evaluating my mindset.

Project Volden will serve a two fold purpose. First, it is here to bring wonder and amazement to people. I will show cool pictures of real and digital places. Wonder is now a core focus of Project Volden.

Expanding on that wonder, Project Volden will be dedicated only to writing within the world Volden created. This is currently four books, but it will expand. Anything else will be part of my new brand, Off Brand Writing. It is so off brand that the website isn’t fully functional yet, but I left a few chuckles.

Next, inspiration. I want to inspire other creatives to create. After going through a mindset shift, which continues to this day, for the past seven years, I realized what I love doing as much as writing books, is inspiring others to create.

So Wednesday has been a regular blog post day, but today I got behind. I’ve been creating the bones for the future, and the day got away from me. Starting November 1, I will have a regular set of blogs per week. I’m very excited for what this will look like.

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

I am done doing blog posts until November 1. You will notice pages shifting and getting updates as I bring the site out of decay. She’s a fixer upper.

Starting November 1, I will have a regular schedule of posts, and I should have one month worth already scheduled by then.

So stick around! Grab a hammer or nail gun. Let me know what you’d like to see!

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