Nunapitchuk, Alaska

I had the pleasure of going to Alaska a little over a year ago. I was in the tundra, and we were there at just the right time that I never saw the sun truly set. My body became accustomed to going to sleep at 1am, because that’s when it finally looked like dusk. When my friend and I woke up at 4am to go to the airport, it was light out, as if it was 8am in Wisconsin.

That’s the village we went to for a mission trip—Nunapitchuk. The picture of the sun was around midnight. The Yupic people live in the village. Rivers go throughout the area, cutting the villages in the region off from major cities. We took a small plane into the village, on their dirt runway.

We took a boat from the runway to the village. It was a garbage boat. It was amazing. Also, you walk almost entirely on boardwalks. The tundra during spring and summer becomes muck.

The kids rode their bikes a lot. They were fantastic at wheelies.

The morsel to the right is dried white fish. They gifted us some. It’s pretty much fish jerky. I loved it, and the kindness was overwhelming.

While Nunapitchuk was a small portion of my Alaska trip, I wanted to share the beauty of the village!

Do you have a beautiful place you went to? If you’re willing to share, email me and I would love to feature a place near to your heart on the blog for Wonder Monday!

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